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our wedding 

November 29, 2019 / New Roads, LA on False River


The most perfect day of our lives. A day that was simple and beautiful. A day that was supposed to be filled with rain according to the forecast but ended up being sunny and seventy. A day filled with love, laughs, family, and friends. The day Haigan and I were married,

It was everything I ever wanted but it would have never been that way without our amazing families and our selfless, hardworking friends, Our wedding took place at my parents beautiful home on False River that they spent endless days cleaning and organizing, My mom was by my side with every single step... talking it through with me, helping my vision come to life. Not to mention cooking half of the food that was there. My dad perfected the beautiful backyard that we were married on and helped hang lights and signs and put together tables and the arbor. My sister helped put together the table top decorations as well as bring some beautiful items from her own home like her cake stand and she was by my side all day long with my niece as we got ready. My grandmother made some of her famous dishes.

Haigan's mom made our amazing cakes that everyone is still talking about to this day. She also threw us the most beautiful and elegant rehearsal dinner. My aunt Jada spent hours ironing table cloths and Haigan's best men, Cody and Kwon, helped deliver and setup the tables and chairs. Our wonderful Paster, Darryl, officiated our ceremony and his wife Shelly was there as well cheering us all on as she always did.

Even my sweet and perfect little pup, Ziggy, made it so special by wearing his bow tie, loving on everyone, running at me full speed when I walked up the aisle and then sitting right by my side so perfectly through the ENTIRE ceremony. He even laid down and took a nap half way through. That was not at all planned but still one of the sweetest moments of the day. He's my buddy.

I name all of these people because it would have been impossible without them BUT it also wouldn't have been as much fun without them. Our wedding planning was enjoyable, stress free, and thoughtful. We wanted to consider our guests in all that we did and we wanted it to be about family and our God who brought us together and made it all possible. Setting everything up the day of was my favorite part. Us all coming together, laughing, working, and planning. We were so in sync and I loved every second.

Haigan and I are not big on attention and being a wedding photographer myself, I knew exactly what I did and didn't want. Our wedding was not traditional at all (my dad and I even walked up the aisle on the wrong side... oops). Haigan and I had a sweet moment alone to see each other dressed then we greeted our guests together as they arrived. Our ceremony was short but so filled with God's Word and the love between the two of us and the promises of our marriage. Our guests stood gathered around us. Our reception was strictly time spent with family and friends. We ate, talked, laughed, and told stories with a very well thought out playlist playing in the background. We didn't have any dances or cake cutting or bouquet / garter. We didn't even have an exit... we spent that time helping pick up. 

Our day wasn't about a wedding..... it was about our marriage and the people who have always been there to raise us and shape us into the people we are. The people that have loved us unconditionally and sweetly and who never stopped encouraging us. The attention was still a lot for me so I wouldn't do it again haha but not wanting to do it again, to me, means it was absolutely perfect! I wouldn't have changed a thing!

As for decorations... I did a lot myself. All stationary and signs were made by me and printed through Vista Print. I made my bouquet myself with the help of eucalyptus from Fifty Flowers (I highly recommend them!) We thrifted all of our candlesticks and goblets. The table runners (MossHoundDesign), earrings, and my tiara (AnnaMarguerite) were from Etsy. Haigan's bow tie was turkey feathers from Brackish Bow Ties purchased through Grandmother's Buttons in St. Francisville. Haigan's jacket, pants and shirt were from Kohls. My dress was on sale from BHLDN. My shoes were from Nordstrom. The greenery from the arbor (which was purchased on sale at Wayfair) and one other arrangement were made by the wonderful Pap and Pris Flower Shop in New Roads. My makeup was done by our wonderful friend, Dena Shaffett. My ring was custom from Mimosa Handcrafted and Haigan's was from Lee Michaels. Our tables and chairs were rented to us by Wholly Ground Church. For the most part, our wedding was. very well planned and affordable! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, I am an open book! I hope you enjoy the photos taken by my wonderful friend Eric Garcia with GeauxGarcia. Eric's role was HUGE and photos were obviously most important to me and he absolutely amazed me! Our photos are so gorgeous and I am so thankful for his time and friendship!  

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