hannah + aaron engagements 

February 18, 2018 / Baton Rouge, LA


These two (insert one hundred heart eyes). I have looked at these photos so many times over the past months. Hannah’s beauty and radiance (and amazing hair) combined with Aaron’s looks of admiration and laughs made for some of my favorite pictures.


At the beginning of their shoot, I asked Hannah and Aaron to turn towards each other to share their excitement and expectations for the day and a little something sweet while I fixed my lighting. Immediately in that moment I could feel their love and respect for one another. They were a team. Always willing to work together and to put the other first… a selfless and kind love.


They had no problem showing that love to the camera. They danced and laughed and played. They were fun but also serious, sharing the sweetest moments. Part two of their shoot was literally on the side of the road and I don’t think any two people could have possibly made a ditch look that good.


They are beautiful people both inside and out, together and individually.  There wedding will be a special day and I am honored to capture these memories.

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